MABREM Blackhead Removing Serum

Cause of formation

(1) Genetic changes

Blackheads are actually rice-shaped foreign bodies that proliferate in the pores of the face. Open storage epidermis. Can be squeezed out or excluded. It is a physical skin disease that has little impact on health. Like a tumor, it doesn't hurt or itch. Pores are originally small pores for sweating and the outlet for metabolism. When such a thing grows, the pores become thicker and affect the beauty. It can be removed regularly. After removal, the pores are sunken and blocked, leaving a code word pit. According to research, it may be related to the genetic system (genes) in the body. Science about health and prevention is very important. A single gene disease. Even if the same maintenance work is done, the degree of improvement of pores can be different, so people with poorer pores may need to pay a little more effort to take care of their skin than others.

(2) Sunlight exposure

Excessive exposure to sunlight will not only cause abnormal metabolism of epidermal cells, but also cause the connective tissue to lose elasticity, which is why some people have enlarged pores even though they have passed puberty. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA, US Food and Drug Administration) advocates that children need sun protection at the age of six months. First, because people will not take children under six months out of the house, and second, within six months, In the case of not completely sure, will hope that BABYs can try not to wear other things, but after six months, it is best to start wearing sunscreen and do some physical sun protection (such as hats or parasols).
Sunlight is arguably the biggest killer of skin aging, and melanin is a natural factor that protects against sun damage; the amount of melanin depends on the depth of the race. If you think about it carefully, it is not difficult to understand why the skin of white people in their twenties is more serious than that of us Orientals. This is the reason. Each ethnic group has different shades of skin and can tolerate different amounts of sun exposure, so the rate of skin aging is also different.

(3) Excessive cleansing of the skin

When the weather gets hot, the sebum secretion of our pores will also be vigorous. In order to remove these annoying "gloss", many people often get up to wash their faces and remove makeup, thinking that they can say goodbye to greasy, but in fact, Unless we take medicine, no matter what we do to remove oil, we can only remove the oil on the face at most, and it is impossible to control the secretion of oil. On the contrary, if the cleaning is too forceful, the skin will become tight and dry, Dry and peeling skin, and even some small crumbs, can easily cause our skin to have abnormal keratin metabolism or aging, causing greater damage.

(4) Squeeze pimples and pimples

When pimples appear on the face, most people's first reaction is "start to squeeze and squeeze in front of the mirror", maybe you are very enjoyable to squeeze, but I have to tell you honestly, there are the following Three reasons not to pop pimples:
First, these pimples are like bombs buried in the skin. If we squeeze, of course, the bombs may be temporarily discharged smoothly, but it is more likely that these bombs will be detonated when squeezed, leaving an indelible mark. of scars.
Second, in the process of squeezing, the connective tissue around the pores is often compressed and deformed, and it can no longer restore its original elasticity and support. Like some people with poor skin, after treatment or maintenance, The skin has become very beautiful, but the pores in the T-shaped area, especially, cannot return to their original size (because most people like to squeeze the T-shaped area), it may be because the previous squeezing is too much, and the spring (connective tissue) has completely disappeared. Elasticity cannot be restored to its original state no matter what.
Third, there are quite a few deep, large or visible acne. Even if you squeeze it, the oil and keratin stuck in it can be discharged, but the spring next to it has been deformed and has no elasticity, so it is still a hole. After a few days, the grease and horniness are stuck again! See the instructions above to know why every dermatologist emphasizes not to squeeze.

(5) High temperature environment

Theoretically, the size of the pores on the same person is certain, and the thickness of the hair that grows is also certain. If the pores become thicker, it is simply because the sebaceous glands secrete too much, or the pores are blocked, or the surrounding connective tissue loses elasticity. , and then expand. Among them, the most easily noticed is the secretion of sebaceous glands. Although the natural constitution will affect the number and fatness of sebaceous glands, the sebaceous glands will also become more active due to certain environmental factors. The biggest influence is the temperature in the environment. Once the surrounding environment As the temperature increases, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase. According to statistics, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase by 10% for each degree of increase in the ambient temperature of the human body. In comparison, the sebum secreted by the latter is twice that of the former.
Therefore, there are many more people with acne and pimples on the face in summer than in winter, and people who have been in a hot working environment for a long time will also struggle to clean their skin. Because of this, usually before summer officially begins, we can see many advertisements for oil-control and acne-relieving products on TV, and the people who come to see me for acne, including those who sell barbecue in the night market. Bob, that's why.

Six mistakes in getting rid of blackheads

Trap 1: I love to squeeze blackheads with my hands 

Let's take a closer look at these blackhead removal mistakes, and don't let these hateful blackheads ruin our nose!
Many people squeeze with their hands, but because the nails are easy to hide bacteria, it is easy to cause skin inflammation, and the pores will become larger and larger.

Trap 2: Want to get rid of blackheads in one go

As we all know, everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception. It takes patience to eradicate blackheads. The old blackheads will be removed in a few days, and new ones will be formed again. This metabolic cycle requires special attention to daily care to be slowly eradicated.

Trap 3: Squeeze blackheads with acne needles

Many girls like to use acne needles to press out the blackheads, and for the part of the nose, they use a lot of force to shave. As everyone knows, in this process, the power of the head of the acne needle is great, so using external force to force open the pores will make the skin hurt. It accumulates oil and turns into blackheads.

Trap 4: Tear it off with a nose sticker

When I first started using the nose stickers, I saw blackheads on the nose stickers that I had torn off, and I felt indescribably comfortable. But once you get into the habit of using nose sticks, blackheads can haunt you like a nightmare and cause your pores to become larger.


Useful ways

Nose sticking method:

The surface of the nose patch is attached with water-soluble adhesive, which removes blackheads by sticky force.